A Calibration Guide

Managers work in several indirect ways, so when we get stuck it isn’t always quite obvious, but all managers absolutely get stuck, both on individual projects and in our careers.

Here are some of the ways that happens. You can be subject to any of these under different circumstances in your role. The following points will help you recognize which way you are leaning so you can calibrate as necessary.

  • Only manage down: this happens often when you are building something your team wants to build and not something the company and your customers are interested in.
  • Only manage up…

And How It Can Help With Cross-Team Coordination

When working with cross-functional teams, it is often the case that different teams have seemingly incompatible ideologies, and in those situations, having a clear understanding of the difference between a strategy and a vision is vital to the success of the product.

At a high level, Strategies are grounding documents which explain the trade-offs and actions that will be taken to address a specific challenge. Visions are aspirational in nature, they are documents that enable individuals who don’t work closely together to make decisions that neatly fit together.

An effective vision helps teams think beyond the constraints of their local…

Discovery, Selection, and Validation

Use this article as a framework that you can build on depending on the context of your organization, the state of the product, and your own experience. Let this be a guide for when you need to re-calibrate.

Let’s take a deep breath together.

At a high level, product management comes down to this idea of iterative elimination. Each iteration — discovery, selection, and validation — is a party. And if you are able to do well in these phases, you get to party again.

History of the Agile Revolution in Software Development, and How We Got It All Wrong.

Agile is a mindset.

This is the story of how a new approach to workflow ended up defining an industry. And like all good stories, this story too begins with a few people hanging out at a ski resort.

When you are surrounded by pine trees, a fireplace, maybe some food & drinks, and the right people, there is a good chance that your chit-chat could lead to a wonderful idea.

Or not. I guess that depends on how much alcohol was involved.

A Better Take on JavaScript’s Higher Order Functions.

Functional Programming is awesome! It makes programming fun.

Learning to program “functionally” is going to make you a fantastic programmer and you will feel secure with the quality of your work.

It permeates everything you do.

JavaScript is notorious for being the world’s most misunderstood programming language and it also happens to be one of the most popular ones. Virtually every personal computer in the world has JavaScript interpreters installed on it and in active use.

A contextual look into the nature of rights in early American society.

The Pennsylvania State Constitution 1776 is known to be “the most democratic” of all the early state constitutions.

The strategy for achieving a free society in the original Pennsylvania Constitution was the establishment of a fully empowered, republican assembly tightly melded with the people. As reflected in its original constitution, Pennsylvania’s government was a government of inherent authority; it mirrored the social attitudes of the community and aspired towards a sophisticated balance between individual rights and communal needs. The republican ideology emphasized the sacrifice of personal interests and…

When I feel joy I feel closest to truth.

Perhaps it’s vital to make a distinction between the thing and the idea of that thing. Between an idea and the abstraction of that idea. Between you and the idea of you. Between the essence of these words and what they mean to you.

When it comes to love, discerning between the idea of love and love itself is a painfully beautiful process. For one, it seems almost implausible to put in words what Love means to anyone. It seems to be a radically subjective facility. We are often introduced to someone else’s idea of love and we, rightfully so…

Social changes described in terms of social cycles are perhaps among the earliest social theories in sociology. Unlike other theoretical views that express social change as some kind of progression in a unique direction, social cycle theories argue that stages of society and history are generally repeating themselves in cycles. P.R Sarkar’s The Human Society, Part II places an emphasis on human spiritual development. Sarkar’s model constructs four classes, collective ideas, paradigms; the masses, the warriors, the intellectuals, and the merchants. Historically, each of these social paradigms deteriorated into harmful exploitative phases that resulted in a social paradigm shift. Ibn…

who is the who telling who what to do?

It can be argued that there are two main uses of language: one is to inform; the other is to deceive.

Sentence validity can be reduced to two things: syntax and semantics. The term syntax refers to the grammatical structure whereas the term semantic refers to the meaning of the vocabulary symbols arranged with that structure. Grammatical (syntactically valid) does not imply sensible (semantically valid), however.

The legend of furious bear.

For example, the grammatical sentence “furious bear flows supremely backwards” is a grammatically ok (subject verb adverb) in English, but makes no sense.

Almost all…

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